An Intriguing Window into IMAGINATION

At umagine engineering, we all come to work everyday because we love to solve problems. We believe that by keeping our head spinning while having a good time can lead to amazing things.

Services We Provide:

● Design & Build Fiberglass Composite Products (GRP, GRC & GRG) 設建玻璃纖維複合材料;

● Engineering Design, Structural Analysis & Feasibility Study 工程設計,結構分析與可行性研究;

● Mechanical Devices & Interactive Appliances 機械設備和互動設備 ;

● Conservations, Museum & Heritage Works 保護,博物館與文物工作;

● Sheet Moulding Compound SMC Water Tank 模壓玻璃纖維板材水箱;

Selected Project Photos

UMAGINE's projects since 2016

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